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Dune Buggy: Macao Beach + VIP Cave + Taino Show

Dune Buggy: Macao Beach + VIP Cave + Taino Show

Experience the thrill of driving dune buggies through Macao Beach and enjoy a VIP cave tour along with an exciting Taino cultural show. This adventure combines off-road excitement with breathtaking scenery and unique cultural experiences.

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Our tour has the following unique elements:


• Exclusive use of our - Domitai Cave Park - Swim in the cenote with crystal clear waters

• Stop by our historically recreated Taíno village and enjoy its exciting show.


The 2.5 hour tour includes the following:

1. Drive Boogie (extreme route)

2. Swim in our Indigenous Cave - 100% exclusive

3. Visit the historically recreated Taíno village and see its program

4. Learn and try coffee, chocolate, chocolate tea, Mamajuana.

5 Water drinks


Restrictions: Pregnant women are not allowed.

Not suitable for people with back problems.

Children accompanying their parents must be at least 6 years old.

Customers must be at least 18 years old to drive.


Child's age: Officially, the child's age is 6 years old.


Recommendations: Bring sunglasses, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and clothes that can get dirty. Dress like you're going to the beach.

ADULTS $ 50 


Hit the Trails! Reserve Your Dune Buggy Adventure: Macao Beach

+ VIP Cave

+ Taino Show!

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